About Us

About Us

In 2009 we created firewood logs Manchester. We originally set up as we ourselves were finding it increasingly difficult and costly to find a good source of firewood logs for our stove and our fire. Understanding the benefits of using logs as a greener, renewable, low carbon alternative to fossil fuels such as coal and gas gave us more of an incentive .Our thinking was to also do our bit in tackling climate change and providing local homes and businesses with a secure renewable low carbon heating supply.

This led us to looking deeper into the subject for using firewood logs as a greener heating source for our homes. With the ever increasing fuel prices we were also hoping to save some money.

The firewood market is growing rapidly due to strong demand for modern more efficient log stoves. According to the Stove Industry Alliance 160,000 homes installed wood burning stoves between July 2008 and June 2009.This shows people like us were looking for a good supplier of firewood logs.

This trend is only going to get stronger with the government’s obligation under the 2009 renewable energy directive the UK is committed to sourcing at least 15 % of its energy from renewable technologies by 2020.

All our wood is comes as a bi product of the local tree surgery industry. We ensure each of these companies act in compliance with local councils and we have seen them in action ourselves. If you wish to use any of these companies please get in touch

We will not deliver firewood logs further than 15 miles from our storage point keeping carbon emissions to as little as possible.

All our firewood logs are seasoned outdoors naturally. We do not use a kiln or wood drying oven to season the wood.

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