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About Firewood logs Manchester

In 2009 we created firewood logs Manchester. We originally set up as we ourselves were finding it increasingly difficult and costly to find a good source of firewood logs for our stove and our fire. We now cut, chop, split and season the logs on a beautiful farm. As i am sure you will understand the equipment we use chainsaws , splitters etc. We are unable to serve customers at the farm where we produce the logs. All our products can be delivered . If you wish tp pick up yourself please call us and we can arrange a time for you. The good news is delivery is free for customers within a 3 mile radius. seasoned logs for your Fire, stove, Pizza oven or garden fire pit this is the place for great logs


Please call us on 07745 386 024

We welcome your call to answer all enquiries . If we are unable to take your call please send us a text message with your name and address. We hope to get back to you within 24 hours. 


Contact us via Email – firewoodmanchester@gmail.com

Please give us as much info as possible in regards to your query. You can also make your order via email.


We aim to deliver the firewood to you on your proffered time and date. 

Delivery driver will normally call a hour in advance to avoid any wasted time on waiting.


All our logs are seasoned for a minimum of a year. the logs we use are a maximum of 12 inches long and should fit all stoves and fires.

The logs are a mix of hardwood and soft but no pine or conifer . l 

Testimonals – what are customers say

Great logs and service, sorry for late review….about 10 bags+ in now. Just ordered one of your Christmas tree’s, looking forward to receiving that later today. Thanks!

Lee Harvester

Firewood. It burns. It’s good.

Our Seasoned firewood logs 

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